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La Campagne Surmontez la Dépression

Together We Can Make a Difference

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Prix / Récompensons

As a thank you for your commitment to fundraising for Defeat Depression, we will be rewarding individual participants with prizes when they reach the specified fundraising amounts.

Note: Some of the below images are digital representations of the items, or photos of the items in different lights. Some discrepancies should be expected such as logo size/placement and colours may look different in real life.

You will be shipped the incentive you qualify for to the address in your profile. Please make sure that your correct address is listed. Please also make sure that your shirt size is selected in your profile.


Defeat Depression Hat & Shirt*

You will receive one of the following style of Shirts, and one of the styles of Hat!

See some real-life examples in our photo gallery.

Medium Grey

Short Sleeve

Light Grey

Short Sleeve

Navy Blue & White

Baseball Style

Royal Blue & Grey

Baseball Style

Light Grey


DD Hat_edited.jpg

Defeat Depression Hoodie OR Sweatshirt**

Show your passion for making a difference by raising $1000 in donations, and you will receive a custom Defeat Depression Hoodie OR Sweatshirt!

Keep warm and show your support for Defeat Depression and Mental Health by wearing this cozy Defeat Depression Hoodie OR Sweatshirt. 

Navy Hoodie.jpg

* We cannot confirm which style of shirt and hat you will receive - it depends on the stock levels at the time of shipment.

** Hoodies/Sweatshirts are subject to change based on the availability at the time of ordering. You will be contacted after the end of May to confirm sizing and choice options, if applicable.

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