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5 Benefits of Fundraising For Physical and Mental Health

The heart is content when one volunteers their time. Making time in your busy schedule to volunteer is a surefire way to boost your happiness and feel good about what you're accomplishing for the community. Helping out doesn’t only feed the soul. It also helps you physically and mentally.

We’ve gathered 5 benefits of fundraising on your physical and mental health.

BE the change

Because you set an example of strong community ties, other people are motivated to take similar action or spread good vibes in their own unique ways.

Conquer winter blues

You might experience an improvement in well-being if you turn your attention to the needs of others. Research shows that "engaging in compassionate acts can have long-lasting protective effects against depression.

Get high…on running

Have you heard of the "helpers high"? It’s a thing. Engaged brain regions connect with numerous pleasure centres while raising money.

Spread good

Health and happiness are the outcomes of many favorable circumstances that you might experience. As you are aware, charities are there for people in their time of need. You can donate some of your wealth to a charity that aids those who are less fortunate or who have gone through difficulties you have not.

It feels great to reach goals!

To your individual running goals, add a fundraising objective. Adding a second layer to your endurance event can increase your personal bests and dopamine levels.

Get going, May 27th is will be here soon

If this list has got you inspired, thanks. We appreciate it. But more importantly, we wanted to share this link with you. It’s where you can get started in feeling the good and other benefits of fundraising. Our walk on May 27th will be here sooner than you think.

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