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10+ Years

$3,000,000+ Raised

To Improve Mental Health Programs and Services Across Canada

About Defeat Depression


Fundraising Tips

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Make it Personal


Register, sign in and PERSONALIZE your web page!
Customize your personal fundraising webpage tell your friends, family and colleagues why you are supporting Defeat Depression and how they can support you by making a donation.

Customize your profile:
Add photos, videos, and details of your event. Set your fundraising goal. Share your journey to defeat depression!

Import your email contacts:
Import your contacts and email your personalized webpage. Invite your friends & family to join your team. Ask people to pledge and help you reach your fundraising goal. Invite them to join your team!

Manage your fundraising:
Use your Participant Centre to monitor and track your fundraising activity. Send emails and thank you notes to donors using the follow-ups tool.

Set your Goal

Set an easy goal and raise it later. Start with a goal of $200 and once this is hit raise the goal! Beating the goal is something you can share on social media encouraging more donations.

The first donation should be your own. An opening tally above $20 is a great start, and leading the charge of donations by example has an escalating effect on the final dollar amount.

Ask for set amounts. If you ask for $30 donations you are likely to achieve $30 donations as opposed to $5 or $10 donations. Use the power of setting dynamic donation amounts. They work!

Use social media channels and email. Peer-to-peer fundraising and social media are a match made in heaven, however, it is only a part of, the campaign story. Email asks can achieve more fundraising success than social. This is all trial and case by case, but don’t forget to ask by email.

Talk about the activity. Starting a conversation about the mental health and what inspired you to take a stand, why you think it’s important enough to donate your time. Once you get your friends talking about your efforts and get a few donations – Your confidence to ask for support grows.

Tell your story. Why did you choose to Defeat Depression? So many people have a personal connection with mental health. The story of why you got involved can make the difference with your friends, family and coworkers. Making the story personal will connect with more potential givers.

Adapted from Frontstream (Top 10 Tips)


Share, Share, Share!


Tell everyone you know about your event. Ask them to join your team. Invite them to donate to help you reach your goal and share your fundraising page with their friends too. Remember to include important event details in your emails and postings such as the event date, location or instructions on how they can join your team. Be sure to thank supporters when they make donations for you.

Update your Facebook status and tell others why you’re passionate about Defeating Depression! Share photos, updates, and the link to your page. The Defeat Depression campaign staff will create a page for your event. Get your friends to ‘like’ it and link to the Defeat Depression page.

Share your story and promote your Defeat Depression campaign on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. Be sure to mention us in your posts. Ask your followers to share your posts, donate and get people talking about mental health.

Link your online fundraising page in your email signature: “This spring lets Defeat Depression! Support me as I help reduce stigma and raise awareness!”

Have Fun!

Pledge yourself and get the ball rolling. Ask your
friends, family and coworkers to match your pledge or better!


Whether you’re raising money as an individual or as a team, these ideas can help you get closer to your fundraising goal and have fun doing it!

Personal Defeat Depression events are encouraged. This means that you choose the physical activity of your choice to complete as a virtual challenge activity between now and the end of May. Whether you take a walk around your block, run on a treadmill, ride a bike or take a stroll on a trail, participants can take part in the campaign and support their local mental health services that are so desperately needed, while physical distancing and staying healthy!


Classic Activity Ideas:

Host a Tag Day:
Collect funds at your local establishments.

Have a BBQ or yard sale:

All proceeds support your team. Print out these posters to spread the news!


Sports tournament:
Consider softball, volleyball, golf, capture the flag, basketball or ultimate frisbee. Get creative!


Games night:
Get people on their feet for a game of Charades, Trivia or Pictionary! Put this on the list for your next family fun night!


Donate your birthday:
Ask friends and family to donate to Defeat Depression in honour of your birthday. Customize your personal page as your party invite!


Stretch and snack:
Get co-workers away from their desks for a 10-minute stretch and a delicious snack. Ask for a ‘give what you can’ donation to support the campaign.

Challenge another team:
A little competition goes a long way…challenge another department, business or team to a fundraising competition!

Bonus Tips

Get Creative

Have event ideas
of your own? We would LOVE to hear from you!

Share your ideas with us!

Get Connected

Approach local businesses to sponsor your event and show how they support mental health. Contact us for help!

Get Chatty

Ask your employer to
match your fundraising,
you could double
your money

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