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Join Us, Together We Can #DefeatDepression


Have fun while being part of a movement that is making a difference to those affected by mental illness!

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Every dollar you raise will support local mental health programs and services across Canada.

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Defeat Depression events take place at over 90 locations across Canada – Find the one near you.


Have fun while being part of a movement that is making a difference to those affected by mental illness!



Join Us, Together We Can #DefeatDepression

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Find Your Location

To see if there is a local organization hosting an event in your community, visit the locations page. If you would like to fundraise for that organization, click on their location for local details and online registration.

Thank you for your interest in joining our campaign!

Below you will find information to help you decide where and how you can participate. Just click on the links to learn more

Community Organizations and Groups

Are you a local community organization or group that provides services related to mental health?


A key component of the Defeat Depression campaign is to help raise revenue for mental health service providers in local communities. Accordingly, we have developed a revenue-sharing plan to assist you in fundraising for your programs. If you have staff and/or volunteers willing to organize a Defeat Depression campaign event you can benefit by raising fundraising proceeds.


We provide Defeat Depression campaign materials to help with recruiting sponsors, participants, and other partners, and we also provide marketing and promotional materials for the event.


The purpose of our partnership is to help build a mental health support network and increase collaboration across communities. We can all be united with the goal of providing resources and supports for individuals living with mental illness and their families.


To become an event host, Contact Us


By participating in a Defeat Depression event you are directly supporting Canadians affected by Mental Illness by providing much needed financial support for programs and services.



Youth care about Mental health. We can help schools create fun events. We work with colleges, universities, high schools, elementary schools and school boards to help bring mental health awareness to Canada’s youth.


Some of our partnerships include:

  • Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario who implemented Defeat Depression events at 42 school locations in the Ottawa region

  • UBC Vancouver- Mental Health Awareness Club

  • Dalhousie University 

  • COPE at McMaster University in Hamilton

  • Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario

  • The University of Regina


For more information on how to get your school involved, Contact Us




We encourage community-minded businesses to contribute to the Defeat Depression campaign.


You would be helping us encourage people who are affected by depression and other mood disorders to come forward for help. Often, employees are experiencing mental health issues. You can demonstrate your support for mental health in the workplace by supporting your local event.  Your actions would show your employees and community that you care and want to take a positive stand against the stigma unfairly associated with mental illness.


As a local business, you are in a unique position to help provide resources for event host organizers and contribute to the promotion of mental health in your own community.


  • Get your employees involved. Form teams to participate in the event and help fundraise in support of this great cause.

  • Become a sponsor. We accept both monetary donations and in-kind donations of gifts and/or services. In exchange, we can offer valuable marketing exposure in your local community. For more information, read our Community Sponsorship Overview below.

  • Help promote the event by putting up posters, handing out brochures, talking to your customers about it. Anyway, you can ‘spread the word’ is very helpful.


To learn how you can organize an event, Contact Us


For more information on Sponsorship opportunities please visit the Sponsorship Page.



Whatever you choose, you can sign up online to create a personal fundraising webpage where you can post pictures, share your reasons for supporting the Defeat Depression campaign, and fundraise. 


Then, promote your personalized website through email and Facebook – asking your contacts to donate. Set your own personal fundraising goal and watch it grow as donations come in! You can reach out to people you know and spread the message of hope, help raise awareness of mental health and reduce stigma in your community.

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