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I Think Of You When I Drink My Coffee

Every morning, as I wrap my hands around a hot cup of coffee, a ritual unfolds. It's not just the smell of coffee that fills the air, but also memories that bring me back. As I select a mug to begin my day, I always think about where it came from.

When I drink out of my ‘Café’ themed mug, it brings me back to the warm and buzzing kitchen of my first retirement home job. There, I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Janet, an upbeat, boisterous cook, who gifted the mug to me. More than just a mentor, she and Karey (the kitchen manager of the time) filled our days with laughter and wisdom, leaving an imprint on my heart that resurfaces every time I see that mug.

Each mug in my collection echoes the stories of those who've left a trace in my life, and in my heart. Take, for instance, my oversized turquoise pottery mug. It's a piece that offers not just a cup and a half of coffee (sometimes you need that extra bit) but a fond memory of where it came from. There's a mug etched with my name, from a friend who stood beside me through some pretty stormy days. It reminds me of how far my journey has come, and the importance of having the right support. My "You've Got This" mug is a gift that reminds me of a friend's belief in me during overwhelming times – I use it whenever I need a boost of confidence.

But it's not just mugs that bring back these memories. The Fresh Prince theme tune, for instance, brings me back to high school hallways, picturing a friend’s impromptu performance, and them singing, dancing, and jamming down the halls. It makes me smile every time I picture it. 

Scent can also bridge us to moments that have touched our lives deeply. Smells can bring back a memory connecting us with times and faces that have helped us become the people that we are.

As I pass places that used to be familiar to me, I realize each place is embedded with echoes of laughter and shared joy. I'm reminded of just how quickly time passes, and that while the time may pass- the memory and impact of the connections made never do.

Pause for a moment. What objects or sensations bring you to core memories of others? Can you recognize how many lives you too have illuminated, simply by being you?

So, the next time you wrap your hands around your coffee cup, let it be a moment of connection.

Remember the faces who've brightened your days, the sounds that lift your spirits, and the places that bring a smile. You are a thread woven into the fabric of countless lives, adding depth, colour, and resilience to the stories of others – please do not forget it.

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